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What Is Reputation Management?

You’ve built your company and you have a great Online Reputation but how do you keep that Online Reputation in tact?

Reputation Management has been around for as long as the internet has been around but recently it has really shown itself in the main stream.

Online Rep Management just wanted to cover a few of the basics for you to explain what exactly Online Reputation Management is, what we do, and how it can benefit your personal reputation, your company reputation or brand reputation.

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What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is actively monitoring the Internet Reputation of an individual, a business, or a brand. Online Reputation Management can suppress negative results by pushing those negative results down further as to decrease their visibility.

What do Online Reputation Managers do?

Online Reputation Managers track mentions of your name, brand, or business online and in response will promote your name, brand, or business through positive content which will then suppress, or push down, negative results.

How does Online Reputation Management differ from Search Engine Optimization?

Online Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization, SEO, uses similar tactics but each has a different goal. While SEO looks to drive your site to the top of the rankings, Online Reputation Management produces positive content, social media engagement, and promotion of existing information and content. Sometimes these techniques include requests to take down the negative content or feedback.

Why do you need Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management can help you take back search results for your company. Check to see what shows up for “Your Name” and see what returns. Anyone can go on these review sites or “scam” sites and fill out a negative comment about you which will show up anytime someone searches for your name. Online Reputation Managers can help suppress these results and produce neutral and positive content to show up instead with reputation repair services.

How can Reputation Management help you?

Contact Online Rep Management today to find out how we can help you suppress these negative results. Through Online Rep Management’s network of contact’s we can have positive content produced and placed on high-value websites that will outrank those negative results.

So if you are in need of improving your Online Reputation or are interested in preventative reputation management, Online Rep Management should be the first and last place you look for help!

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