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Fight or Flight: Avoiding Negative Company Responses

The web is a dangerous, unforgiving environment, full of people lurking over your every move waiting for the opportune moment to pounce. You may be making all the right choices in your online business but the nitpicker will be the nitpicker and something you do or say will offend someone to the point that they post a bad review.

This being said, what is the best way to respond to the criticism?

As human beings, we are naturally embedded with a set of responses, fight of flight, to help us survive dangerous situations. So, what is the best response to bad reviews? Fight or flight.


When someone is putting down your webpage, it is easy to feel that they are taking jabs at you as well. It’s something that you put time and energy into and the vision of your page represents a piece of you.

It is easy to become defensive and fight back in the honor of your beloved page and in the heat of the moment; however, if you fight the wrong way, the backlash may take a negative effect on your online reputation.

The key is to pick and choose your battles and if you do choose to fight, do not fight fire with fire. Insulting reviewers can only bring negative attention to your business.


With all the negative effects that may come with fighting back, flight may seem like the best option; still, silence on specific topics can also leave the bitter taste of expectation in your viewers.

Recently, mentions Nestle as an example of a company’s silence taking a negative effect on their reputation. Nestle received criticism regarding their environmental practices and amidst their silence, critics became aggressive, eventually causing the company to shut down their public page.

So, while you might remain silent, your critics will not; be sure to choose the appropriate response to negative criticism when (not if) it comes.

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