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How Social Media Monitoring Can Protect Your Company Against Twitter Revenge

Instead of filing a complaint with a company or store when they have a poor experience, consumers have become more and more likely to turn to their Twitter feed or a company’s Facebook page to post a disgruntled message against the company. So in order to protect your company from the wrath of an angry Twitterer, make sure you employ social media monitoring on a regular basis.

Recently, Facebook and Twitter have been bombarded with consumer complaints in the cases of Netflix and Bank of America, which led to reversals on major proposed company policy changes. When Netflix announced a significant change to its pricing structure, consumers of the movie rental firm turned to Twitter and the company backed off its decision. And when Bank of America proposed a monthly $5 debit card fee, a Facebook campaign ensued and the company decided to eliminate the proposed fee.

While sometimes this interaction creates positive change at a company, it is best for companies to avoid a negative image on consumers’ social media pages in the first place when possible. By actively monitoring social media sites and responding quickly when complaints and issues arise, companies can prevent themselves from being subject to major waves of Twitter revenge or Facebook anger.

Social media monitoring not only keeps your company aware of what is being said about it, it also indicates to consumers that you are actively engaged with them and concerned with their opinions. While you certainly can’t respond to every single thing posted about your company and its executives on the Internet, unless you have an endless stream of time and money, you can stem off major issues by responding to complaints that necessitate a response.

Certainly don’t waste you or your company’s time responding to a consumer who says “I hate your company” just because they’re an angry person or having a bad day. But when a consumer raises a specific, addressable issue, protect your company’s image by responding genuinely and not in an automated fashion.

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